My goal is to create high-vibe pieces that lift me and others up up up!

I’d like them to be bright enough and ‘burst-y’ enough to actually change the ambiance of one’s environment. So naturally I’m pretty interested in people’s experiences of how it makes them feel. Comment below or email me at harniferous@gmail.com!

This page lists some buyers’ and lookers’ experiences in hopes that it will inspire you to get a piece of your own and/or come to one of my shows <3

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“I can’t be sad with this butterfly in here!” – Cassandra (purchased a print of “Love Preserves Freedom”)

“I constantly get compliments on this tote!” – Cassandra (purchased a print on a tote of Sahasrara Butterfly 1)

“Absolutely captivating and such a unique style. It’s truly amazing art.” – Daniel (on my FB page)