About Me

I am a multipassionate artist and writer dedicated to the transformation and liberation of human consciousness.

I believe that self-actualization and humanity-actualization (self-actualization at a macro-level) is not only within our capacity, but is necessary for our survival.  This actualization, in my opinion, rests in relationships – relationship with oneself, with the earth, with another, and between groups.  As we imbue every relationship dynamic with love, truth, and mutual empowerment, our capacity for liberation at a global level and the raising-of-consciousness becomes increasingly accessible.

I’m deeply invested in every corner of consciousness-raising and health-giving practices, be they pertaining to healing the body-mind (herbs, nutrition, yoga, meditation, contemplation, developing bodhicitta, bodhisattva vows), or healing relationships (relationship sciences, boundaries, mutual empowerment, ethics, tantra).   You’re likely to find all of the subjects make their way onto this blog plus the artwork it inspires.

My paintings, contemplative drawings, and writings are about this ecstatic, unspeakably joyful process of revealing the Web of Truths, as it comes to me through visual art and words.

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